Aleksandar Kapuran
Institute of Archaeology

Aleksandar Kapuran is a principal research fellow at the Institute of Archaeology in Belgrade, with a Doctoral degree in prehistoric archaeology from the Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy (2011). His area of research encompasses questions of the material culture of the Metal Ages in southeastern Europe, with an emphasis on the processes of copper and bronze metallurgy. He is the co-director of the international project Bronze Age in northeastern Serbia – metallurgy, settlements, and necropolises, and he was a member of the international project Iron Age Female Identities in Southern Carpathian Basin FEMINE, financed by the Croatian Science Foundation. He is a member of the Serbian Archaeological Society since 2006. His research is regularly published in high-ranking national and international journals and continuously presented at national and international conferences. He has more than 30 years of field experience, bothin systematic and rescue archaeological excavations.

Selected Publications
Капуран, Булатовић 2012 – А. Капуран, А. Булатовић, Културна група Коцофени-Костолац на територији североисточне Србије, Старинар LXII, 2012, 65-94.
Kapuran 2014 – A. Kapuran, Prehistoric Sites in the North-Eastern Serbia, from Early Neolithic until Roman conquest, Belgrade 2014.
Kapuran 2019 – A. Kapuran, Velebit, a Tumulus Culture Necropolis in the Southern Carpathian Basin (Vojvodina, Serbia), BAR International Series, 2942, Oxford 2019.
Mehofer et al. 2021 – M. Mehofer, M. Gavranović, A. Kapuran, J. Mitrović, A. Putica, Copper production and supra-regional exchange networks – Cu- matte smelting in the Balkans between 2000 and 1500 BC, Journal of Archaeological Science 129, 105378.
Kapuran 2019 – A. Kapuran, The Finds of Gava Culture Pottery at the site of Bubanj, in: A. Bulatović and D. Milanović, Bubanj: the Eneolithic and Early Bronze Age Tell in Southeast Serbia, Vienna 2019, 233-236.
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