Bogdana Milić
Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

Bogdana Milić holds Bachelor and Master degrees from the Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Her PhD was embedded in the Marie Curie ITN project BEAN (“Bridging the European and Anatolian Neolithic”). She worked as an Early Stage Researcher at Istanbul University and defended her doctoral thesis at Tübingen University in Germany in 2018 on the topic of lithics and Neolithisation in western Anatolia, focusing on the assemblages from the site of Çukuriçi Höyük. As a pre- and postdoc, she was employed at the former OREA Institute at the Austrian Academy of Sciences for 5 years between 2015-2020 as a member of the research group Prehistoric Phenomena, while intensively conducting fieldwork and lithic analyses in Turkey, Iran, Greece, and the Balkans. Her main research focuses on the Neolithic chipped stone technology, prehistoric mobility, obsidian exchange, and spread of innovations, however, she also worked on a number of Chalcolithic and Bronze Age assemblages coming from excavations and surveys. In 2021 she had a postdoctoral grant at Koç University in Istanbul, funded by the Turkish government, with training in pXRF analyses on obsidian from different prehistoric sites (10th to 4th mill. BC) in Turkey. Bogdana is currently postdoctoral researcher at the Spanish National Research Council in Barcelona, with a grant awarded by the Austrian Science Fund (2021-2024), where she is working on the use-wear programme for investigating the role of hunting in farming communities between Southwest Asia and Southeast Europe. The results of her work were presented in international conferences and meetings in Austria, Turkey, Germany, Cyprus, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, and the UK.

Selected Publications
2020 Schwall C., Brandl M., Gluhak T., Milić B., Peloschek L., Sørensen L., Wolf D. & Horejs B. 2020, From near and far: Stone procurement and exchange at Çukuriçi Höyük in Western Anatolia, Journal of lithic studies, vol. 7/3, 25 p.
2019 Horejs, B., Bulatović, A., Bulatović, J., Brandl, M., Burke, C., Filipović, D. & Milić, B., 2019, New Insights into the Later Stages of the Neolithisation Process of the Central Balkans. First Excavations at Svinjarička Čuka 2018. Archaeologia Austriaca 103, 2019, 175–226.
2019 Milić, B. Understanding the (Early) Neolithic chipped stone production in North-western Aegean from the Eastern Aegean perspective, Eurasian Prehistory, 15 (1-2), 217-235.
2019 Milić, B., An addendum to the PPNB interaction sphere. The lithic package from 7th millennium BC Çukuriçi Höyük in western Anatolia. In: L. Astruc, C. McCartney, F. Briois and V. Kassianidou (Eds), Near Eastern lithic technologies on the move. Interactions and contexts in Neolithic traditions. 8th International Conference on PPN Chipped and Ground Stone Industries of the Near East, Nicosia, November 23rd–27th 2016. Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology, Vol. CL.: Astrom Editions (Nicosia), 485–502.
2015 Horejs, B., Milić, B., Ostmann, F., Thanheiser, U., Weninger, B., & Galik, A. 2015, The Aegean in the Early 7th Millennium BC: Maritime Networks and Colonization. Journal of World Prehistory 28: 289-330.
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