Maja Gajić Kvaščev
Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences

With a Doctoral degree from the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy (2013), Maja Gajić Kvaščev is an associate research professor at the „VINČA" Institute of Nuclear Sciences-National Institute of thе Republic of Serbia. Her broad research interests include subjects related to the application of instrumental techniques, analytical methods and pattern recognition methods in cultural heritage, archeometry, the development of portable instruments, and the non-destructive and noninvasive analyses of cultural heritage objects. She was the coordinator of the international project Development and Implementation of two Novel Portable Instruments for the Analysis of Cultural Heritage: Portable Scanner XRF and Portable XRD, and has developed a regular collaboration regarding archeometry in various prehistoric and historic periods. Her research is published in high-ranking national and international journals.

Selected Publications
2020 Maja Gajić-Kvaščev,Velibor Andrić and Marija Dimitrijević, Characterization of Early Bronze Age pottery fragments from the Meanište site in the village of Ranutovac near Vranje, Serbia in A. Bulatović, Ranutovac, an Early Bronze Age Necropolis in southeastern Serbia, BAR International series 2978, Oxford, 2020, 111-121.
2019 Maja Gajić-Kvaščev, Vesna Bikić, Victoria J. Wright, Ivana Radosavljević Evans, Ljiljana Damjanović-Vasilić, Archaeometric study of 17th/18th century painted pottery from the Belgrade Fortress, Journal of Cultural Heritage, 32, 2019, 9-21.
2015 Lj. Damjanović, M. Gajić-Kvaščev, J. Đurđević, V. Andrić, M. Marić-Stojanović, T. Lazić, S. Nikolić, The characterization of canvas painting by the Serbian artist Milo Milunović using X-ray fluorescence, micro-Raman and FTIR spectroscopy, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 115, 2015, 135-142.
2015 Sofija R. Stojanović, Maja D. Gajić-Kvaščev, Ljiljana S. Damjanović, Spectroscopic study of an icon painted on wooden panel, Hemijska industrija, 69 (4), 2015, 387-393.
2012 Maja D Gajić-Kvaščev, Milica D Marić-Stojanović, Radmila M Jančić-Heinemann, Goran S Kvaščev and Velibor Dj Andrić, Non-destructive characterisation and classification of ceramic artefacts using pEDXRF and statistical pattern recognition, Chemistry Central Journal, 6:102, 2012, 1-9.
2012 Gajić-Kvaščev, M., Marić-Stojanović, M., Šmit, Ž., Kantarelou, V., Karydas, A.,G., Šljivar, D., Milovanović, D., Andrić, V., New evidence for the use of cinnabar as a colouring pigment in the Vinča culture, Journal of Archaeological Science, 39 (4), 2012, 1025-1033.
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