Ognjen Mladenovic
Institute of Archaeology

Ognjen Mladenović is a research assistant at the Institute of Archaeology in Belgrade and is currently enrolled in PhD studies at the Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy, with the subject of settlement patterns and dynamics during the Copper and Bronze Age. His research interests are focused on settling dynamics in the Central Balkans during the Metal Ages, prehistoric tin in Southeastern Europe, and the material culture of prehistoric communities in the Central Balkans. He is a permanent member of several national projects and member of the international project Neolithic Technological Trajectories in The Balkans (NEOTECH), funded by the Austrian Science Fund, and the field director of international project Archaeological research of settlement systems, burial customs, and mineral resources in the Bronze Age in NW Serbia. He is a member and acting general secretary of the Serbian Archaeological Society (2019). His archaeological fieldwork counts more than 30 campaigns.

Selected Publications
2019 V. Filipović, O. Mladenović, V. Vučković, Archaeological site of Bolnica and its importance for the prehistory of the Central Morava Region, Старинар LXIX: 113-138.
2019 O. Mladenović, M. Jovičić, I. Danković, Scordisci settlement at the sites of Rit and Nad Klepečkom, in: Viminacium in prehistory, (eds.) A. Kapuran, A. Bulatović, S. Golubović, V. Filipović, Beograd 2019: 177-222.
Mladenović 2019, A New Find of Bronze Hinged Fibula from the Vicinity of Svrljig, in: Papers in honour of Rastko Vasić 80th birthday, (eds.) V. Filipović, A. Bulatović, A. Kapuran, Beograd 2019: 355-366.
2017 V. Filipović, O. Mladenović, Prilog proučavanju članaka astragalnih pojaseva sa teritorije centralne i jugoistočne Evrope / Contribution to the Study of Astrgal Belt Segments from the Territory of Central and Southeastern Europe, Prilozi Instituta za arheologiju u Zagrebu 34: 143-183.
2017 O. Mladenović, Some remarks on tin ore deposits in the Balkans, Етно-културолошки зборник XXI: 11-20.
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